Welcome to the GED Ready® administration website for registering your work stations to use the GED Ready® Offline format in Corrections.

For an overview, see the following steps below. Otherwise, click here to get started: Login now!

1. Download testing software:

  • Download GED® Test Manager software from the gedroffline.gedtestingservice.com website and install it on the internet connected computer. The software includes a license signature generator that identifies the computer. The software will register the computer’s unique ID on the USB drive.
  • After the download, “Run” it on the network connected computer. During the installation, make sure to check the box: 'Control Center'.
  • The network connected computer, as the GED Control Center, will be the connection point between testing computers and the website using a USB drive.

2. Download testing software:

  • Insert a USB drive in the internet-connected computer and click on Download Test Manager. It will take a fingerprint of the control center and save it to the USB. It will also save the installation for the testing computers, too (GED Ready® Offlineall.exe).

3. Register testing computers:

  • Using the USB drive, install and run the Test Manager on testing computers to generate the signature file. You will need to insert the USB drive in each testing station.
  • The installation will register the test station fingerprint by saving the PC registration file back to the USB drive.
  • One PC registration file can handle one or more test stations.

4. Upload PC registration file to GED Control Center:

  • Insert the USB drive back to the internet connected computer.
  • Start GED Control Center and upload the PC registration file to the GED Ready® administration website.
  • Registering offline computers only needs to be completed once.

5. Allocate test counts and download:

  • In the GED Control Center application, go to the Allocate Tests tab.
  • Select a test launch password for your location.
  • Indicate how many tests you will assign to each testing computer.
  • Download test counts which copies a batch file to the USB drive.

6. Update each test station with test counts:

  • Insert the USB key in each registered testing computer.
  • On each test station, start the Test Manager.
  • Move test count to the testing computer(s).
  • Each test station will keep track of how many tests remain on each computer.

7. Deliver tests

  • GED Ready® on offline computers will be password protected. Adult educators will need to enter the password before students can take a GED Ready® test.
  • After taking the test, the test taker will be shown a score summary sheet that includes the predicted GED® test score as well as deficiency (“what to work on”) information. Publisher information will not be available electronically.
  • Because there is no backend database, testing data will not be stored. For this reason it is important that adult educators print, save or write down the information from the score summary sheet.

6. Things to consider:

  • GED Ready® Offline will keep track of remaining test administrations.
  • When more tests are needed, follow step 5.
  • If additional computers are needed, follow step 3.
  • If a computer fails and the software needs to be reinstalled, test administrations will be lost. Therefore, it would be prudent to load a reasonable number of test administrations (i.e. don’t put all your eggs in one basket!).